GRaffiti Wisdom  is an ongoing exploration of anonymous personal expressions found on the walls inside public restrooms.  Once reframed, these musings take on new and often profound meanings.
  Quilts: Heritage & Hereafter  -  looks at how hobbies and events in my grandmothers’ lives have filtered down to impact mine.  Each of us has a legacy of joys and sorrows that are part of the lore of our families.  Every generation sheds and builds on these stories as it further refines its own values.  These ‘quilts’ are constructed from fused plastic bags. 
 In May 2014, I was invited to participate in a group show at  AgavePrint  pondering spoons.  This piece is entitled "Legacy".
  Liquid Love - is a new project. These are the first few images.   At 5 years old, I taught myself to swim in a friend's pool by hanging onto the edge and inchworming my hands around the lip over and over while my parents partied with the other grownups.  I remember the freedom, the solitude, the silky water on my legs and the blue.  Alone, I dared myself to go around the periphery over and over again.  I loved this process and water has always been one of the great comforts of my life.