Sarah Bork was raised in Frederick, Maryland by Minnesotan parents who were mental health professionals. She learned early to be interested in people and their stories. Dinner table discussions often touched on the topics of families in business and children living in residential treatment centers.  In high school this study of character naturally led to acting in school plays and musicals.  Sarah went on to major in theater in college and afterward spent ten years working as an actress in New York and Los Angeles. In 1987 she began a 13 year period of working at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute biannually at the summer film workshop and then again at the film festival in Park City every January.  There the seed of visual storytelling was planted.  In 1996, Sarah moved to Texas and took her first photography class.  Immediately the story telling seed blossomed and the years in front of the camera watching the filmmaking process came together.  Sarah's passion for the capturing authentic moments of character immediately found an avenue of clear expression.  She began photographing weddings in 1999 and has continued to photograph people in all stages of life since.  In 2012, after a death in the family, Sarah took a break from weddings to explore fine art photography and mixed media art.  Her current projects include Liquid Love, a study of the surfaces of swimming pools and a series of quilts constructed from fused plastic bags entitled Heritage & Hereafter. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and their two daughters.